An Elite and Discreet Companion


Men usually describe me with words hot, sexy and tempting!
But I open my secret to you  '' I'm a true princess outrageous, luxury and burlesque!
Sparkler sizzles modestly next to me!
It knows that it's fire and vital energy is nothing in comparison whits my volcanic activity: 
a vital, creative and sexy!
So hot blood flows in me that it makes my skin mellow from the inside.
That's why my eyes have special brilliance and heart is beating which incomparable rate, 
which shows passionate nature!
I look exactly in men's eyes, challenge them and desperately provoke to flirt!
You will be able to sustain my look and do not look away? Beware!
I am like tart bourbon I'll warm hands and entangle thoughts which drunkenness, relieve of hard day and 
penetrate right in your heart!
I like to conquer and to bow myself!
If you do not have the duts to attack me I will offer you an unusual scenario of my seduction!
I reveal my innermost secret, take off clothes and daily mask!
We will penetrate into the garden of pleasures again , forget about time and indulge gentle debauchery!